The Umbrellas Write It In The Sky

Meritorio / Slumberland
16th June 2022

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Could this be, could this be the best yet from The Umbrellas? Well, when it rains it pours, just like the melodies and harmonies that veritably cascade in waterfalls from this cloud-filled San Francisco sky.Write It In The Sky begins like a lot of the more upbeat crashers on their debut but then brings in a new distorted guitar element to bring a rollicking Veronica Falls-style smash straight into yr life. Backing vocals and disaffected lead vocals criss cross over this adrenalin fuelled twee banger and god don’t we just love it?  On the b-side we have the heavier “I’ll Never Understand,” a slow, trippy song with a slightly-delic sound that builds to a noisy crescendo.

Just the best, ain’t they?

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