I See Islands Within A Light Beam

Triassic Tusk
11th June 2021

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On Triassic Tusk, initial copies come with bonus Internal Engines CD EP, exclusive to this release and featuring 4 songs not on the album.

I See Islands is the work of Seamus Joseph O’Donnell, a musician and songwriter originally from Mallaig in the north of Scotland. Using an acoustic guitar as the skeleton of these songs, O’Donnell fleshes them out with subtle electronic touchs – gentle synth washes and melodies, shimmering textures augmented by tasteful drum machine rhythm backing.

O’Donnell’s vocal reminds us a little of Elliott Smith or Wayne Coyne, an upper register that when layered over itself creates a beautiful swelling, emotive wave that crests at all the right moments. Really it’s O’Donnell’s voice that shines on Within A Light Beam, the music at service to his songwriting in the way that Grandaddy’s electronica-fused Sophtware Slump is to Jason Lytle’s. Gently sailing between a lush, open melancholy and a restraint that lends oodles of grace to the songs, this is a beautifully rendered, under the radar gem.