Water Machine Water Machine Demo

7th April 2023

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Water Machine is an office romance between Hando Morice (Goth GF, Lung Leg), Jimmy Gage (Passion Pusher), Flore de Hoog (Brenda, Wet Look) and Goda Ilgauskaitė (Soursob). Formed in the wake of two years of social isolation, their sound careens between punk, country and alt-rock, underpinned by the unique quality they call “raw liquid power”.

Morice’s vocals lead the four piece across genres and an entire spectrum of human emotion – from I Quit’s yelps of righteous indignation to the nostalgic sweetness of Flowers. Gage’s spiky-then-smooth guitar melodies build to danceable pop choruses, and frenetic punk breakdowns are punctuated by Ilgauskaitė’s syncopated cowbells and de Hoog’s offbeat bass. As the pace slows, let violin, synth and three-piece harmonies wash over you.

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