Skloss Voices Travel Through This

Cardinal Press
19th September 2022

Format Info

7" - purple vinyl

First pressing of 300 copies on deep purple vinyl.
Sleeve fold out art collab by Thomas Hooper and Jacob Bannon.
Includes insert.
*First 50 copies include 4×6 photo print from Sandy, a SKLOSS sticker and a button*

Surrounded by drums and guitars and the need to play loud as a cathartic reaction to COVID isolation, SKLOSS blends elements of fuzzy psyche, noise rock textures, post-rock layers, drone, and metal riffage played with honesty and deliberation.

“Swirling in black hole cosmos, “Plugged Into Jupiter” dials in warped delay and misty, ethereal atmospherics on Voices Travel Through This. Formed as the husband-wife duo between guitarist Sandy Carson (Iglomat, Glue) and drummer Karen Skloss (Moving Panoramas, Black Forest Fire), Skloss indulges in their harshest and gentlest impulses all at once on their debut two-song EP. In opener “Plugged Into Jupiter” a crystalline hush of eerie guitar plucks offers respite only for a second before slamming into a sludge metal barrage. Grinding feedback churns into noise implosion on “Upper Attic,” as disorienting howls and lyrics work into the fray. – Alejandra
Ramirez ,The Austin Chronicle