Our Guest Can’t Be Named The Wytches

Alcopop! Records
4th July 2023

Format Info

Dinked Edition - Black & White Vinyl
* Black & White, Half & Half Vinyl * 5” x 2” Glow-in-the-Dark Album Patch * Individual, original Super 8 film cells from 'Maria' Video on a signed collectors card * Limited Edition Pressing of 500 *

The Wytches need very little introduction, but it is with no little excitement that we welcome back Brighton’s purveyors of melody for album number four – all raucous and unruly, yet glistening with jagged edged poetic wistfulness and undeniable emotional clout. 

The former Transgressive/ Heavenly Records act return with their fourth studio album in September on Alcopop! Records this year – and it’s definitely their best yet, all raw-throat punk, stoner/doom psych, riffing swagger, and perhaps just the tiniest hint of delicious folk twinkling… Just get it in your ears. It’s glorious.