The Vaselines The Way Of The Vaselines

Sub Pop
8th September 2023

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2LP - Black Vinyl with Signed Print and Badges
2LP - Monorail Exclusive Pink/Purple Vinyl
2LP Black Vinyl with signed print and The Glasgow School badges
2LP + Ticket Bundle
Event Ticket is Digital Only and will be available on the night, on the door. If selecting this option please choose "Collect In Store" at check out.
CD - signed
Signed CD with badge
2LP - Monorail Exclusive Pink/Purple Vinyl
With Monorail Exclusive Vaselines Badge and Signed Print LTD 500


We are DELIGHTED to be hosting a Vaselines in-store to launch The Glasgow School and The Way Of The Vaselines. The Vaselines will play as a duo – Eugene and Frances, no drum machine.

Support from The Cords. DJ Stephen Pastel

DOORS: 7:30pm

Mono Cafe Bar, SEPTEMBER 14th

We’re really, really excited to announce The Glasgow School. This is a series of records that will document what we consider to be the most important and best music to come out of our hallowed city over the past sixty years. Each record will be lovingly presented with the care and love that it deserves – each will have unique content. And each will only be available from us. Welcome to The Glasgow School.

For me the most important thing about The Vaselines is that it was based on friendship. Eugene, Frances and I all enjoyed being together and as much as we loved getting drunk, taking acid and going out, there was a creative intent too. As we became friends I learnt that they had a few songs and a rough plan to start a group. I wanted to try to help them on their way as I knew there was something there, something out of the ordinary. They looked incredible together and although their playing wasn’t all that technical I loved it – their voices were magical, especially when they sang together. I hopefully suggested the name, The Vaselines, which they went along with. I booked a studio and roped in my partner, Aggi (Annabel), who was living in Brighton at the time. I remember vividly making that first record, Son Of A Gun, and my happiness in how it came out. I still love what we did – can’t quite believe it actually.

At the time The Vaselines always played with my group, The Pastels – some people were into them but quite a few others were a bit snobby and thought it too basic or transient. I love that so many serious travellers have fallen by the wayside and that in 2023 The Vaselines have this incredible legacy and we can meet up to talk about reissue plans and what’s happening next. With The Vaselines nothing has ever seemed over-complicated, at least from my perspective. It was always spontaneous and fun – either worth doing or not. It was never strategically laid out – the triumph of the magically unplanned career plan.

SP / 2023


“The Vaselines have long been celebrated by musicians and music enthusiasts across genres and across the globe, including super-fan Kurt Cobain. Emerging in the mid-eighties under the wing of The Pastels’s Stephen McRobbie, The Vaselines came to define the sly wit and irresistible pop hooks of the era’s Scottish indie scene. Sub Pop’s remastered reintroduction of The Way of The Vaselines is an opportunity for those already familiar with the Scottish band’s brief career to delve deeper into their body of work, while those new to their music can experience firsthand why so many hold them in such high regard. Originally mastered from a cassette tape (and since remastered on much better equipment in the new millennium), The Way of The Vaselines compiles the band’s two EPs (Son of a Gun and Dying for It) and their sole LP release (Dum-Dum). This 2023 edition is the first ever vinyl release of The Way of The Vaselines, which originally came out on CD in 1992.”.

Sub Pop press release, 2023


Vinyl and cd taken from Steve Rooke’s 2009 Abbey Road master.

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