Loopsel The Spiral

Mammas Mysteriska Jukebox
27th June 2022

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LP - black vinyl

Originally released in September 2019 but sold out instantly, this is the second pressing of Loopsel’s debut LP. Loopsel is a musician from Gothenburg who also plays in the city’s Monokultur. The Spiral explores repetition, space, distortion and the beauty of decay with the sounds employed often cracking at their apex, degrading in real time. Using a mix of samples, drum machine and guitar, Loopsel’s vocal makes guest appearances to steal the show, implying the likes of Carol, Berntholer, Cindy Lee or even Virginia Astley in a cold alley or even Morricone soundtracks in the afterworld

The Spiral simultaneously posits a haunting and an alien lexicon. Heavily effected guitars, warbling in and out of phase and tune, strafe across the stereo, bending reality in their wake, sometimes evoking Maurice Deebank atmospherics when married against obscure soundsource as on “Tears Run Out,” with Loopsels voice desperately trying to break through the gauze. Organ drones battle with trains slowly derailing into the void, while deep, hallucinogenic, warped synth lines and fuzz attempt to communicate a distress signal from a parallel dimension, like the experiments of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop broadcasting to the big black nothing. While Monokultur’s Ormens Vag (also just in) has a scultped humanity to its oddness, Loopsel’s marriage of noise and atmospherics, clearly informed by late 70s/early 80s pre-industrial punk and post punk experimentation, takes you by the hand and jumps into the beyond.

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