Haiku Salut The Hill, The Light, The Ghost

Secret Name
26th November 2021

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Standard Black Vinyl

Haiku Salut, the acclaimed electronica trio from the Derbyshire Dales release
their fifth album, ‘The Hill, The Light, The Ghost’ on Secret Name records on August 27th. Note the LP follows in November. A beautiful
study of ghosts and memory, the gestation of the record began when Haiku Salut’s Sophie Barkerwood was given a Tascam field
recorder. “I carried it around with me in case anything interesting happened. I guess I wanted to capture little pieces of the world in the
same way we all take photographs,” explains Sophie. “It wasn’t immediately apparent that we would begin to use these sounds as the
architecture for an album but as our writing process evolved the textures of these memories became a bank of inspiration.” “We then
began actively searching for ghosts in the world and framing the songs around their qualities,” Sophie continues. “Gathering
recordings, removing them from their context and building worlds around them. Capturing and preserving personal experiences, and
evoking vivid spaces. You could say the record is a miniature exploration of sound in relation to memory. Each piece is intimately
connected to a place in time.” Musically, the album marries the expansive vision of their third album, ‘There Is No Elsewhere’, which
celebrated identity and community, with the darker, more contemplative feel of their fourth album, the trio’s original soundtrack for
Buster Keaton’s ‘The General’. Building on the lessons learned working on ‘The General’, ‘The Hill, The Light, The Ghost’ is a cohesive
suite, nine songs that combine to tell a larger story – that of experience and memory, of precious moments and echoes of past lives.