Kristin Hersh The Future Of Songwriting

Melville House
22nd February 2024

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Over a long, hot Christmas in Australia, Throwing Muses frontwoman and critically
acclaimed solo artist Kristin Hersh considers her future as a songwriter. Is it possible to
create music and not show off about it? How can artists establish and refine a
following without becoming part of the commercial problem? And just how many
times is it healthy to watch It's A Wonderful Life in three weeks?
In The Future of Songwriting, Hersh chooses to interrogate these questions through
philosophical dialogue. From in-depth conversations with a comedian friend about the
similarities between songs and jokes, via a fruitful visit to Sydney’s “bone museums” toa revelation from an acupuncturist in New Orleans, she delivers a fierce, funny and
existential meditation on the art of the song – and its future.

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