Gnac* The Echoes On Departure

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31st March 2023

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Comes with signed postcard.
LP - teal vinyl
Our copies are on teal vinyl, only available through us and Gnac*'s Bandcamp. Also comes with exclusive signed postcard in a stamped envelope and Gnac* beermat.

“The Echoes on Departure” is is the seventh album from GNAC, a musical project composer Mark Tranmer started in 1990.

Tranmer says of The “Echoes on Departure”: “I finished previous album “Afternoon Frost” in 2021 — and straight away I could hear the beginnings of the next album. It is different from the previous album; more electronic, but still with some of my favourite chord progressions — and a few new ones. I also felt strongly that this album it needed a voice on two tracks — and was delighted that Kathleen provided that voice – and took those tracks beyond my envision”. Kathleen Stosch of Constant Follower provides vocals for “Betweenness” — the evocative first single — and the closing album track, “Until The Heart Stops”: a piano-led baroque waltz miniature.

An album launch party took place at the Glad Café, Glasgow, on Wednesday 22nd March, co-headlined by The Orchids.

The inclusion of early single “The Broken Fall” on Tim Burgess and
Bob Stanleyʼs 2019 “Tim Peaks” compilation inspired the relaunching of GNAC after a long hiatus; 2021 saw the release of the well-received album “Afternoon Frost” – with extensive airplay, including on KEXP and 6Music, and a Timʼs Twitter Listening Party. There were several GNAC concerts in Scotland last year — these continue further afield in 2023. Prior to GNACʼs return, Tranmer co-wrote and recorded an album with Italian pianist Alessandra Celletti in Rome. He was also half of the Montgolfier Brothers, alongside sorely missed songwriter, lyricist and vocalist Roger Quigley; the band released two albums on Alan McGeeʼs Poptones label.

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