Goblin Tenebre OST

10th March 2023

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LP - Crystal Vinyl

“Tenebre” is the soundtrack of the eponymous film directed by Dario Argento in 1982, which celebrated its 40th anniversary. Even if released as ‘Simonetti – Pignatelli – Morante’, it’s usually considered an actual Goblin album; “Tenebre” is the last great collaboration between Argento and Goblin, before a 20-year break until 2001’s “Non ho sonno”. Here Dario Argento moved from a warm-coloured sound to a cold hard sound of Rome. The music of “Tenebre” responds to this change: Claudio Simonetti was returning from his first experiences in the techno/dance field and, since the band was missing a drummer, synthesizers and samplers were used, in a mix of rock and electronic music that blends perfectly with the images of the film. Not to be missed by any horror movie and soundtrack fans.

This is Crystal vinyl LP edition.

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