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27th June 2022

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Limited to 200. Paste-on sleeve with stickered label.

Wtf is this? Imagine peak late-70s Les Rallizes Denudes or Dead C taking on some early 80s Scottish indie pop classic and eviscerating it to delirious effect. Jams careening close to No Wave scramble that clean out the inside of your brain.

There’s pomade in the petals and chewy in the pedals as this giddy n giggly Diddley squad blat out a conbini-run worth of high-collared confectionary rabble and pretty in pink tattle. Either the sakura suck or Dale’s a done duck with these creepers n sleepers to raising glasses after dark and a swoon song in the park.

February 2009 Tokyo – Mark Anderson (Greymouth/Mysteries of Love), Anthony Guerra(Love Chants/Mysteries of Love) and mysterious rocker ‘Mariyo’ grease the chains and enter the fray to throw-down and hoon some tunes to the moon. 45 rpm. Edition of 200 copies with postcard sleeves and insert.