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Raa Spelar Pierce & Von Euler

Malmo Inre
4th April 2022

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LP - black vinyl

Raa spelar Pierce & von Euler (“Raa plays Pierce and von Euler”) is Raa’s third studio album, following the acclaimed Skanes jarnvagar (2018) and Ljungens lag (2019).

The A- side is comprised of two songs by Spiritualized, and the B- side contains dub-like versions of Stockholm-based musician Magnus Sveningsson’s piano EP, Hemskogen. As everyone knows, four songs are rarely enough for an LP. So, it was time to dig up a few old favourites.

“I have loved Spiritualized ever since the release of their debut album, Lazer Guided Melodies, in 1992. I’m especially fond of the slow songs and their abysmal bass lines. “Take Your Time” is one of them, and the idea to make something with it has followed me for a long time. “I Think I’m in Love” is here translated into “Jag tror jag r k r”. The energy of it invites irresponsible late-night driving”, says Magnus Sveningsson.