Soursob Soursob

31st May 2023

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LP - black vinyl
First press on gold vinyl

I know we’re meant to be winding down here at the fag end of 2021, but this deserves shouting about. Soursob are a Glasgow based group torn asunder by the pandemic, with members now all over the globe, but for a moment in Glasgow they managed to forge a fuzzy as all hell mini LP of crunchy Garage-influenced, Indie-Pop shout alongs that have more attitude in a single three-note guitar solo than most groups muster over a career. Lashings of the original Aus Punk moment that birthed The Saints and The Victims.

Released on the home to all things gritty, Chicago’s Hozac, the three piece use primitivism and minimalism for maximalist, nasty fun. Soursob sound a little like Slant 6 covering Sonics with some driving organ sounds and fuzz bass congealing into a singular assault. You know we love those stand up drums, guitar full of malicious intent and, I don’t know, there’s just something so freakin’ cool about Ozzie accents. Topics in the crosshairs are neo liberalism, mass media zombification, Berlin. In choosing the best tracks probably the song TV sums it up, with the singer shouting about mind control, they just wanna watch their shows. It’s an LP so short, sharp, messy and addictive that you gotta flip it back on the minute it stops. Punk as all hell with the tunes to hook, but they don’t seem to care if you care or not which makes us care a lot.

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