Saint Jude Signal

Slow Dance Recordings
18th November 2022

Format Info

Dinked Edition - Colour Vinyl LP

Eco Vinyl

Bonus 2 track 7"(non-album tracks)

Art Print

Limited pressing of 300

RIYL: For Those I Love / North Downs / The Streets / Blackhaine

Jude Woodhead AKA Saint Jude is a born and bred South London based producer who first approached songwriting after being diagnosed with Tinnitus which prevented him from pursuing his DJ career. While his previous works found space between genres, with elements of indie, ambient pop, hip-hop, Uk garage and noise, his debut self-produced album ‘Signal’ rejects the limitations of genres altogether while anchoring his music firmly in the sounds of his native South London.

Conceptualised during the lockdown in 2020, ‘Signal’ is a self-portrait about coming of age during a time of political crisis and social change. 

Enlisting the help of past collaborators and friends (Aga Ujma, Low Loudly – Sarah from Drug Store Romeos – Louis Culture, Trim, HALINA and Zeke Ultra), Jude uses a wide range of voices to communicate different perspectives on his subject matter.