Ren Sick Boi

The Other Songs
20th October 2023

Format Info

2xLP - black vinyl

Welsh vocalist, songwriter, producer and director, Ren has announced that he will release his 18-track, self-produced second album ‘Sick Boi’ on the 13th October 2023, via The Other Songs.

‘Sick Boi’ is an intellectually stimulating body of work that see’s Ren narrating through a collection of his experiences, opening up the doorway to his innermost-self. The Hip-Hop leaning album explores a variety of tones where the lyrical genius once again proves his creative flair, confronting many personal and sensitive issues. Captivating listeners with a thoughtful blend of honesty, darkness and wit, Ren deals with themes such as chronic health, greed, grief and his ongoing journey with mental illness.

‘Sick Boi’ features Ren’s previous offerings including ‘Suic*de’, ‘Animal Flow’, ‘Illest Of Our Time’ and his latest single ‘Murderer’, which amassed over 1M+ views in under a week and broke into YouTube’s ‘Top Tracks’ across 19 Countries. The album leads with ‘Money Game, Pt.3’, which will be the third instalment to his ‘Money Game’ trilogy and his most streamed song on Spotify to date.

When speaking about his upcoming record ‘Sick Boi’, Ren said “Sick Boi was me challenging myself to create a hiphop only album, the album title based on my struggles with health over the past decade. I wanted to create an album that pushed my beat making and flow ability.”

Following the announcement Ren will begin drumming up excitement with a 4-week release schedule, dropping animated lyric videos to a selection of new tracks off his forthcoming album. Kicking off this Thursday with ‘Love Music Part 4’.

Using raw expressions of vulnerability, honesty and hope, Ren has applied his artistic talents to educate the masses with his self-produced and directed digital theatre. Dubbed the “Tarantino of music” and “Shakespeare of modern times”, 2023 has seen Ren gain virality multiple times over the year, and continue his stint of grounding releases that further excels his musical profile.

Responsible for global phenomenon ‘Hi Ren’, which was released last year, the biographical track continues its ascent and currently holds a merited 17M+ YouTube views and over 7M audio streams. Shortly after this, the Welsh wordsmith shared a poignant rendition of The Verve’s’ iconic hit ‘Bittersweet Symphony’ which currently holds an impressive 2.5M views, gaining him co-signs from the revered Britpop band, as well as other musical heavyweights including The Prodigy and Limp Bizkit.

Ren’s unique musical style has also resonated with millions across the globe as he became the voice for the misunderstood, and has organically created a huge fanbase of hardcore and loyal supporters that congregate in the safe space of his music. Infiltrating poetry and performance throughout his multi-genre tracks, Ren tells his stories in the most honest and relatable way, which is exactly why he has made such a worldwide impression. He is a creative mastermind who levitates above his suffering and creates inspiring and truly brilliant work out of the difficult things. This skill is as evident as ever on ‘Sick Boi’.

Throughout his music, Ren references his ongoing battle with Lyme Disease and brain damage, which he is currently undergoing highly specialised daily treatment for in Canada. Striking a resonant chord with people who have experienced chronic health issues all over the world, the themes have made an intensely powerful mark and raised life saving awareness.

The astounding support Ren receives from his fans is a remarkable stamp of confirmation, and as he continues to creatively push boundaries whilst telling his stories he will soar through limitless skies. Upcoming album ‘Sick Boi’ will mark the next stage in Ren’s career which sees him becoming an unstoppable force across genres.