Michal Turtle Same Songs, Different Room

Invisible, Inc.
2nd February 2024

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LP - black vinyl

It’s been 40 years since Michal Turtle released his seminal, ground-breaking album “Music From The Living Room” into the world and promptly disappeared back into the aether.
An extremely obscure cult classic known only to deep diggers and aficionados of the finest order, it wasn’t until Music From Memory reissued some of the tracks from it via retrospective compilations of Turtle’s unreleased music almost 30 years later that his name become more widely known and a new generation were able to discover the artist’s unique and pioneering style of experimental electronic music production, the majority of it very much ahead of its time, and to this day, still timeless.
Invisible Inc contacted Turtle in the summer of 2023 about releasing something else by him and it was during this exchange of emails that ideas were expressed about releasing not simply a straightforward reissue of “Music From The Living Room” to mark its 40th anniversary (the album has never been reissued in full) but rather a re-imagined/re-constructed take on the album bringing contemporary techniques, styles and newly recorded vocal and instrument parts into the mix and breathing new life into these wonderful compositions.
Collaborators old and new were brought into the studio and the songs re-created from the ground up. Familiar songs like “Are You Psychic?” and “Village Voice” get overhauled and echo remnants of their original counterparts but simultaneously sound like completely new tracks. The always mesmerising “Phantoms of Dreamland” is represented through a live recording at Café Oto featuring original album vocalist Lucianne Lasalle and regular collaborator HOVE on electronics. The remaining tracks, however, will be completely new to the ears of most people, never having been reissued or heard in these new forms ever before.
Regardless, whether in some way familiar or not, these hypnotic and repetitive pieces of beautiful sound art, all very different in style from one another, have an entirely new identity that even diehard devotees of the originals will fall in love with.

A1 Are You Psychic? 08:31
A2 Phantoms Of Dreamland (live at Café Oto) 11:41

B1 Village Voice 05:20
B2 It’s A Stop Sign, Shirley! 04:50
B3 Yak By Yak 04:48
B4 Jeka 04:12


“Holy shit. This record is amazing. ‘Are You Psychic?’ is really something” dj_2button [Dummy Hand / Weirdos Inc.]

“What a record!” Cosmo Vitelli [I’m A Cliché]

“Amazing release. Probably your best release yet! Does everything an amazing record should and more…” Alexis Le-Tan [Oddity Radio / Full Circle / Offen Music]

“Will play in my sets for sure” Andi Otto [Pingipung / Multi Culti]

“Really enjoyed [it]” Hugo Capablanca [Discos Capablancas]

“Nice project! Props!” Dennis Kane [Siren / Visitors / Disques Sinthomme / Compost]

released December 18, 2023

A1 written by Flitcroft/Turtle, voice: Nina Bradlin
A2 written by Turtle/Lassalle, recorded live at Café Oto London 20.01.20, Voice: Lucianne L. Lassalle; live vocal treatment: Michal Turtle; guitar, Ableton, effects: Hove
B1 written by Lassalle/Turtle, voice: Lucianne L. Lassalle
B2 written by Turtle
B3 written by Turtle
B4 written by Turtle

All other sounds: Michal Turtle

Mastered by James Savage at Milk Mastering

Artwork by Gordon Mackinnon

Distributed by Rubadub