Johnny & the Self Abusers Saints & Sinners / Dead Vandals

Soul Jazz Records
24th March 2023

Format Info

- edition 500 copies - silk-screen outer sleeve & exact-repro fold-out sleeve - PUNK 45 collectors 45

There are only ever 500 of these copies being made! Special silk-screened outer sleeve + exact-repro fold-out sleeve early PUNK 45 collectors 45 new on Soul Jazz Records!


7″ comes in fold out paper sleeve and specially silk-screened Punk 45 outer sleeve.


Superb exact reproduction of the debut (and only) punk single by Johnny and The Self Abusers originally released on Chiswick Records in 1977.

In classic punk style, the band split-up two weeks after this hi-octane debut only to start a new band called Simple Minds.

Johnny and The Self Abusers ‘Saints and Sinners’ features on Soul Jazz Records’ Punk 45 ‘I’m A Mess’