Semay Wu Raspberry Hotel

Akashic Records
7th February 2023

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Having lived and worked in numerous musical directions for many years, Semay Wu’s begrudgingly faithful cello still remains at her side: from Merseyside, to Manchester, to The Netherlands, and now to Central Scotland. Always trying to push age-old boundaries of how the instrument is viewed and heard, her focus has led her to explore further collaborative and everyday improvisations, blending electronics with mixed media and a variety of gestural art disciplines.

Raspberry Hotel is Semay’s first foray into recorded solo work. Finding it hard to stick to any one brief, she filled out a room of a local studio space, with toys, everyday objects, instruments, and her cello. Sitting on the floor, she recorded whatever came to mind. A week-long session of improvisations were then taken home, spliced up and pieces were composed and mixed. Raspberry Hotel is made up of fleeting, off-the-cuff performances, that can be listened to as separate tracks or as one long piece.