Chris Brickley Post Punk City: Glasgow by Martin McClenaghan

Chris Brickley
4th December 2023

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Book - Medium Format

“If, like me, you came of age in Glasgow in the late 1970s, early 1980s then the photographs in this wonderful book will transport you straight back there. If you didn’t, then this book will show you what it looked and felt like for us that did” – Bobby Gillespie

Martin McClenaghan’s photographs capture the raw intensity, compassionate camaraderie and striking pathos that permeated Glasgow’s streets and tenements in the “Post-Punk” era. A mixture of black and white depictions of every-day life in Glasgow and surrounding environs and warm, bright colour studies of seminal groups like The Cramps, The Fall, Bad Manners, U2 at crucial stages in their careers, this is a beautiful study of a city that redefined beauty in its own post-industrial, fading grit.

The life captured in Post Punk City is at once hyper-specific to the time and place of central Scotland but, as with all great street or gig photography, captures the universalities of living life in the near-modern era. A really beautiful document.

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