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Smalltown Supersound
11th September 2023

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LP - black vinyl

Recorded (mostly) remotely between 2020-2022, but mired in a mutual interiority, their sublimelysmoky venture bridges strains of spoken word, strung-out country folk, jazz and etherickosmische with a timeless control of mood and atmosphere that amounts to one of the finestepisodes in either’s oeuvre. In a properly enchanted blurring of identity, they almost entirelydispense with digital tools in favour of more pastoral and timeless energies; guitar, sax, jazzybrush drums and a Rhythm Ace FR-3 drum machine, a sort of precursor to Roland’s simmeringCR-78.It’s that sax that takes you places though, daubing accents of blushed romance over walls of guitarin various formations, all of which sidestep the widescreen cliché in favour of something morenuanced and unusual. This ain’t the open road of Lynch and Badalamenti, more the careeningtrailblaze of Conny Plank & Holger Czukay, Angela Conway & Bruce Gilbert, The Jesus & Mary Chainand Hope Sandoval’s Stoned & Dethroned, like a melted Venus in Furs, soft, and fritzed.