Objections Optimistic Sizing

Wrong Speed Records
26th April 2024

Format Info

LP - indies pink vinyl

INDIE STORE EXCLUSIVE Pink vinyl limited to 200 copies. FFO: The Casual Dots, The Ex, The Slits, Gang Of Four, No Means No, Erase Errata.

The much-anticipated debut album from Leeds post-punk power-trio and 6Music favourites Objections. Optimistic Sizing is comprised of ten kitchen-sink dramas, ten miniature worlds to lose yourself in. The key topics are covered: performative royal mourning, ill-suited sexual relationships, coastal gentrification, motormouth bigots and–of course–snogging. These tales of 21stcentury existence are set to a musical backing that is joyous and wild. The guitar operates as a detonation device, a musical firework display to energise and punctuate the songs. The bass anchors with irresistible melodic and rhythmic hooks. The drums make complex and dizzying patterns seem effortlessly human, natural and always very, very danceable.

Objections might follow the Minutemen music-as-socialism blueprint (each member in charge of their own chunk of sonic landscape and mindful of the boundaries of the others) but rather than be constrained by these apparent limitations, they are somehow freed by them. That real estate might be clearly divided but it is vast, limitless, and ready to be explored. Objections formed in the post-lockdown period after drummer Neil and guitarist Joe’s former band (and cult favourites) Bilge Pump slowed to an amicable halt. They wanted to continue the musical dialogue they had built up over decades and turned to Claire Adams (Nape Neck, Beards) to start something new and Objections was born. The 3 members have also played in/with: Polaris, Yann Tiersen, HiM, Enablers, Felix and Damo Suzuki (among others).

Objections released their debut7″-BSA Day/Better Luck Next Time on Wrong Speed in 2023 and have recorded two Marc Riley / Gideon Coe BBC 6Music sessions. At Wrong Speed we are not fond of genres, we are here to release music we love not tell you how to file it. But Optimistic Sizing is genuinely post-punk in the literal sense of the term. Objections take the freedom and anyone-can-do-it promise of punk and run somewhere new and adventurous with it, creating a vibrant and living musical language with which to communicate their own unique world view. As a result, Optimistic Sizing is not only a classic debut album but a timeless one. “We like to think we know what we’re talking about….believe us when we say, Objections are a band to watch”-Louder Than War.

Live shows: Saturday 23rd March: London – Wrong Speed all-dayer at The Strongroom Thursday 28th March: Newcastle – Bobik’s Friday 29th March: Glasgow – Glad Café Thursday 11th April: Leeds – Wharf Chambers w/ Gnoomes Friday 12th April: Sheffield – Hallamshire Hotel Saturday 15th June: York – The York Vaults  Saturday 20th July: Glastonbury – Wrong Speed Festival at The King Arthur

Track listing:
1.Idiot Fill
2.BSA Day
3.Nicely Done
4.The Lurker
6.Small Change
9.Space News
10.Words Strongest