Skiftande Enheter Oppna Landskap E.P.

Happiest Place
25th February 2022

Format Info


Super limited 7″, won’t last long, Risographed sleeve.

Skiftande Enheter is a post-punk-pop-indie-type of history from Gothenburg. With an all-star line up consisting of JJ Ulius and Elin Engstrom of Monokultur, Loopsel et al, Hugo Randulv (Makthaverskan, Amatuer Hour, Enhet For Fri Musik, Typical Girls) and Love Hulten, their music is all ragged, off-the-cuff glory for the days.

A vibrant mulch of driving Garage organ, post-punk gespracht Swedish (from JJ Ulius, we think), dualling guitars in terms rhythmic and jangly and more energy than truck full of protein bars, this 4-tracker is a step up from their already crackin’ previous releases. The group sound way more congealed now, with the rhythm section infused with plenty of punk spirit to back up the attitude bleeding out the gob of Ullius.

Super limited 7″, won’t last long.

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