1990s Nude Restaurant

Past Night From Glasgow
29th May 2022

Format Info

Pink Vinyl LP

Signed LP

They were the best party band in Glasgow for a fair few years, two albums on Rough Trade, many memories of them smashing it at various shows. This is their unreleased third.

“Picture the scene – July 2011 somewhere from the interweb, Glasgow – “Hey Peeps, We’ve just finished recording our third album. Recorded it in the Green Door studio which is kinda Glasgow’s equivalent to Lee Perry’s Black Ark. Tiny little place crammed full with vintage 70s desks, tape machines and Roland Space Echoes. It was produced by our good friend Sam Smith. No idea when it’s out but we’ll keep ye in the loop”

Heck, it’s only taken 10 years but it’s coming … No word of lie!

Strictly Limited Edition on Pink Vinyl – Only 250 Units available. The remaining units will be released on Black Vinyl only.

Pre-order the album now and we will do everything in our power to deliver it to you before the end of 2021, thus making this a 10th anniversary release. All being well this long forgotten beauty should be with you by mid November but manufacturing runs are a tad volatile just now!

That said, get in now and grab that limited edition run!”