Quitter Monument Road

GoldMold / heavenly creature records
22nd September 2023

Format Info

LP - black vinyl

Monument Road is the third LP from Glasgow based Kenny Bates (aka Quitter). Following his self titled debut in 2018 (and Commuter Town later in the year), Monument Road sees Bates at his peak; a sprawling 11 track record that never lulls – in fact, a collection of fuzz that invites you in like a warm blanket on a frosty Glasgow morning. It’s an exploration of life in the city – of love and relationships and getting older…what it means to be human, really. With contributions from Sulka, the 11 tracks have a likeliness to 90s slacker rock – think rattling drums and muted rhythm guitar that simmers until it doesn’t. Bands like Pavement and Guided By Voices (and Malkmus) come to mind; but the influence shines through like a homage to the music Bates loves and surrounds himself with.

Monument Road is a homage to Glasgow; to city living and the people who make it. And, well, here’s to Kenny.

Released in collaboration between Glasgow collectives heavenly creature + GoldMold.