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The Goon Sax Mirror II

9th July 2021

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Here’s something very welcome indeed. the return of our faves, The Goon Sax.

Mirror II is a fabulous chandellier of a record, it’s intense, it throws off a lot of light. In some ways it’s the sum of everything that has always made The Goon Sax great: excellent melodies, raw lyrical candor, vulnerability mixed with a modest amount of the right lkind of swagger. They’re a power trio and each member’s idiosyncratic style comes across on record: Riley’s effortless pop side is more present than ever before, Louis’ moody, super-natural avant-garde, and James’ winningly direct folk pop. The team that plays together wins together. They’re winning.

Since forming in high school, Brisbane band The Goon Sax – the trio of Riley Jones, Louis Forster, and James Harrison, best friends who take turns writing, singing, and playing each instrument – have been celebrated for their unpretentious, kinetic homemade pop. Mirror ll, The Goon Sax’s first album for Matador, is something else entirely: a new beginning, a multi-dimensional eclectic journey of musical craftsmanship that moves from disco to folk to no wave skronk with staggering cohesion. Gone are the first-person insecurities of their school days – they’ve been made expansive, more universal, more weird.