Noémi Büchi Matière

Light Of Other Days
22nd December 2020

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Swiss composer Noemi Buchi’s modular synth work, interspersed with sparse nature field recordings, is sculptural in design but senuous in delivery. Matiere hits a sweetspot between Pole, Beatrice Dillon, To Rococo Rot and Jan Jelenik. Matiere is her most fully developed work to date, composed analog synth ripples in consciousness, burbles and swelling pads that jump in and out. There’s a quiet hedonism to proceedings, like the artist is submerged in sound, playing with every facet and element for the joy of it. However, there’s still a healthy dose of the austere clinician in the composition to allow the music on Matiere to get too overwhelming or club-ready. This is head music for all the senses.

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