MJ Lenderman Manning Fireworks

6th September 2024

Format Info

LP - Indies Only White Vinyl

MJ Lenderman is a songwriter born and raised in Asheville, North Carolina.

The anatomy of an MJ record might go something like this: warped pedal steels and skuzzed out guitar; crackin’ a cold one with some buds; a voice reminiscent of the high-lonesome warble of a choirboy. Songs snake their way from a lo-fi home recording to something glossier made with longtime friends at Asheville’s Drop of Sun studios, but the recording setting doesn’t seem to matter much – at its core, a Lenderman song rings true.

Manning Fireworks is a remarkable development in MJ Lenderman‘s story as an incredibly incisive singer-songwriter, whose propensity for humour always points to some uneasy, disorienting darkness. The punchlines are still here, as are the rusted-wire guitar solos that have made Lenderman a favourite for indie rock fans looking for an emerging guitar hero. There’s a new sincerity, too, as Lenderman lets listeners clearly see the world through his warped lens.