Eugene Kelly Man Alive

Past Night From Glasgow
14th July 2023

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Blue Vinyl LP
Blue vinyl LP. Signed copy.

Originally released in Japan in 2003, Man Alive is a winning it in style home-run of a record from one of our very favourite sons. This is its first time on vinyl.

Taking the long way round from The Vaselines to Captain America to Eugenius, Man Alive was finally a record for Eugene Kelly to put his own name to. A collection of observational songs deft of lyric and sung out with a beautiful truth, it was the perfect reminder that he’s always carried a song in his heart, a strum in his hand and the means of making it all work with a certain kind of panache. Man Alive is a combination of wry humour, almost-pop and autumnal melancholy. Older Faster is maybe the most perfect song he’ll ever write – right up there with Neil Young, Norman Blake, Alex Chilton, anyone. 

Modest and magnificent, our copies come on blue vinyl and are signed by Eugene.