Male Nurse Male Nurse

15th February 2021

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with screenprinted cover

Decemberism records announces its fourth release, a compilation of unreleased tracks and Peel Sessions by The Male Nurse. Formed by Edinburgh artist Keith Farquhar, The Male Nurse released four singles and played rare but memorable gigs between 1993 and 1999. Theirs was a hybridisation of art, obscure cultural reference, working class male identity politics and experimental recording and performance style.

Alongside Farquhar were artists Alastair MacKinven, Andrew Hobson and Ben R Wallers (who also performs as The Rebel). Wallers’ group Country Teasers shared several members with The Male Nurse; MacKinven, guitarist Alan Crichton and Eck King on synth. Drummer Lawrence Worthington played in both bands and The Yummy Fur. All groups released on the independent label Guided Missile.

The group disbanded in 1999 after the death or disappearance of several of its members, and Farquhar’s return to Scotland. Part of a generation of cultural production that, a few years shy of digital downloads and social networks, has fallen between the cracks. The indie world in which they emerged has by and large been replaced by online platforms, and with the late 90’s not yet quite cool enough to be legitimately retro, their brilliant music languishes.
Here, finally, a collection of unreleased tracks, beautifully remastered and released in an limited run of 500 with a hand silkscreened gatefold sleeve designed by Keith Farquhar and printed by Bernie Reid.