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Lung Leg Maid To Minx

Last Night From Glasgow
22nd November 2022

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LP - pink vinyl with exclusive print
LP - white vinyl
Exclusive Monorail White vinyl pressing ltd to 100, also comes with a signed reproduction of an early gig flyer from the band's archive.
So wonderful to see Glasgow’s Lung Leg sole album being re-released on Past Night From Glasgow.
Looking back I’m surprised at how brief Lung Leg’s history was – five years, 1994-1999. They’re legendary for so many people, they were productive and they made a lot of amazing work. Their roots are in what was on reflection a great time for music in the city. Bands were forming, splitting up and cross-pollinating on a regular basis. The Glasgow Music Collective was active and there were gigs in like-minded venues where you didn’t have to pay to play every other night.  Lung Leg was part of this scene and along with bands like Bis, Delgados, Urusei Yatsura, Mogwai and others they managed to get noticed and find an audience outside of the city.
The first singles give a nod to early Rough Trade bands like The Raincoats & Kleenex. They’re rough hued in a way but brilliant too – you could tell that they really knew their music history and by the time Maid To Minx appeared they had developed as songwriters. The songs were still infectious catchy pop songs but now with a fuller, less primitive sound. They were such a great singles band (they released seven 7”s).
They packed a lot into those five years and had a lot of personal highs… they supported Sonic Youth, did a US tour with The Make Up, released a compilation on Kill Rock Stars, Jamie Hernandez (Love & Rockets) did the cover artwork. They leave a lot of memories and are a band that I think you will always go back to.
This is actually the third version of the album. The first was on the brilliant local label, Vesuvius. Then Southern Records released a remixed partially re-recorded version. Now Past Night From Glasgow are releasing a remastered version from the Southern tapes including bonus tracks. The album also features a new rear sleeve design- there’ll be a signed reproduced gig flyer included with our exclusive colourway, designed by Jane Egypt from the debut single launch party the band did with Reid at The 13th Note in 1994.

Maid To Minx will be released in November 2022.

The new tracklisting is as follows :

  1. Previous Condition
  2. Theme Park
  3. Disco Biscuit
  4. Shaver
  5. Juanita
  6. Maid To Minx
  7. Whiskey A Go-Go
  8. Right Now Baby
  9. Viva By Spectacula
  10. Lonely Man
  11. F.S.R
  12. Kung Fu On The Internet
  13. Lust For Leg
  14. Krayola
  15. A Different Kind of Love.