David Boulter Lover’s Walk (Instrumental)

The Spoken World
1st July 2022

Format Info

Limited Colour Vinyl LP

Available as a Limited edition of 300 LPs on 140g coloured vinyl in a poly-lined inner sleeve.

Includes a signed, hand-numbered 11”x 11” print on 170g/m2 coated glossy art paper and comes with a digital download code.


Delayed until 1st July.

“In moments of uncertainty, I’d considered making Lover’s Walk an Instrumental album. And, at various points along the way, I spent hours listening to it this way. My initial thought was to release them both. With the story and without. Allow the listener to make their own story perhaps? In the end, I made the Instrumental available as a download only. I’ve been yearning to hold it in my hands ever since. Place it on my record deck. And just listen to the music. And I think some of you out there will enjoy it too.”

David Boulter

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