Jan Jelinek Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records

27th February 2023

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2LP - Black Vinyl

2xLP reissue of minimal, electronic dub classic.
Jan Jelinek was a lead exponent in the dub influenced, minimal electronic scene that bubbled up in mainland Europe at the turn of this century. Loop Finding Jazz Records sounds so prescient on modern speakers: pre-dating the likes of Dubstep and Bristolian obsessions with bass, this is Basic Channel at half speed, impeccably produced in all its artificial faults, with glitches dancing around in thin air. Scratched samples of something that used to be music filter, ghost-like, through the gauze of imagined memory, sub-bass instrumentation, obscured yet meaty, grounding the listener to mother earth. Loop Finding Jazz Records was originally released on the heavily influential -scape records and seemed to be related to the search for new sonic territory that was everywhere at the time. Had less focussed or more commercially-atenuated musicians been in charge, a sultry vocal would have been plastered over the grooves here and a mega-chill-out hit been produced but Jelinek has more integrity than that. Instead we get the spirit of techno, the sound of hollowed out industry, the ghost of the CD-tray, the microchip’s soul, lamenting a world moving too fast.