Patrick Andy & Yabby You Living In Mount Zion

Pressure Sounds
9th September 2022

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Black Vinyl LP

The seed for this album comes from a tape compiled but never released by Vivian “Yabby You” Jackson, labelled “The Best Of Patrick Andy”. On the tape were three unreleased tunes, one unreleased dub, and stereo mixes of several singles which had only been heard in mono before. So “Living In Mount Zion” is in full stereo on the tape, as opposed to mono on the released 7”, with Yabby’s characteristic production trick of switching the panning of the horns and rhythm tracks back and forth from left to right, as also heard on several of his albums. “You Don’t Want Me” is also different to the 7” cut, presented in stereo and with extra horns overdubbed. The three unreleased songs are all well worthy of inclusion in this compilation, showing Patrick Andy’s spiritual side over some heavy rhythms. Together they form a fitting tribute to a fine singer and a legendary producer. There are 4 bonus tracks on the cd.