Dead Moon Live At Ecstasy Berlin Dec 21 1990

Moorea Music
10th May 2024

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2LP - Black Vinyl

Uncut live recording of one of DEAD MOON’s first shows in Europe including a never before released live version of the VELEVET UNDERGROUND’s “I’m Waiting for the Man” – literally a diamond in the rough!

Only 300 copies. Hand numbered!

Side A
A 1 – Out on a Wire
A2 – Parchment Farm
A3 – Crystal Is Falling
A4 – Time Has Come Today
A5 – Hey Joe
A6 – I’m Waiting for the Man

Side B
B1 – Dead Moon Night
B2 – Graveyard
B3 – Can’t Help Falling in Love
B4 – You Must Be a Witch
B5 – I’m Wise
B6– 54/40 or Fight

Side C
C1 – Dagger Moon
C2 – D.O.A.
C3 – Black September
C4 – Animal
C5 – Communication Breakdown

Side D
D1 – Walking on My Grave
D2 – Signed D.C.
D3 – Dead in the Saddle
D4 – Demona
D5 – Johnny’s Got a Gun
D6 – Echoes to You
D7 – Don’t Burn the Fires

Bass & Vocals: Toody Cole
Guitar & Vocals: Fred Cole
Drums: Andrew Loomis

This record was produced directly from an original 1990 vintage cassette recording.
The crackling and hissing sounds appear on the original tape.
Tracks B6 and D7 are incomplete as the tape ended there.

Mastering: Riad Abdel-Nabi
Vinyl Mastering: Rob Small Mastering
Cover Artwork: Szim
Dead Moon Logo: Kelly Manahan
Cover Photo and Ticket: Gregor Kessler
Executive Producer: Christiane Gillissen

Pressed on recycled vinyl at Matter of Fact, Güstrow

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