Urvanovic Let's Not Be Here

Common Grounds
29th March 2024

Format Info

LP - black vinyl

Glasgow‘s Urvanovic (uhr – vah – no – vitch) are a noisy chamber-pop ensemble consisting of stalwart members Tom Irvine (songwriter/composer/lyricist/vocals), Seonaid Stevenson (vocals), Niall Sinclair (producer/noise-maker) and David Hill (drums/percussion) plus an extended line-up of string players.

Let’s Not Be Here” is a record about evolving through catastrophe – romanticising ruination as an incitement to action. On this record, Urvanovic indulge in the escapism of an imagined apocalypse as a catalyst for positive personal change. Forgoing their earlier alt-folk influences, “Let’s Not Be Here” embraces Urvanovic‘s latent maximalism & experimentation. Veering between dense, wall-of-noise synthesis and abstract soundscapes – further embellished by colourful string arrangements, theatrical vocals and orchestral percussion – this is a dynamic, complex, and at times abrasive record.