Joan As Policewoman Lemons, Limes and Orchids

Pias Recordings
20th September 2024

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LP - Tangerine Vinyl

The twelfth of her studio albums, Lemons,
Limes, and Orchids is a crowning
showcase of Joan’s voice in all its
metamorphic splendour.

“I was ready to make an album that truly
featured my voice. The basics were
recorded like they used to be- with me
singing live along with the band. My good
friend said told me this is the sexiest album
I’ve ever made. Honestly, I think she’s

The record is a nocturne about love and loss —
what else is there? — and a reckoning with our
collective disorientation, part hymn to holding on
and part benediction of letting go.

Joan has toured the globe, performing in dive bars
and symphony halls, at independent music festivals
and on the BBC, and has collaborated with a
kaleidoscope of luminaries, including Lou Reed,
Rufus Wainwright, Tony Allen, Damon Albarn, John
Cale, Laurie Anderson, Sufjan Stevens, Anohni,
Beck, Meshell Ndegeocello, Toshi Reagon, David
Byrne, and Daniel Johnston. She has participated
in three Africa Express trips, teaches at NYU’s
Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, lives in
Brooklyn, and loves the world.