Colleen Le jour et la nuit du réel

Thrill Jockey
22nd September 2023

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LP - Clear with Gold fleck

Colleen’s mastery of the art of sound sculpting is fully displayed on Le jour et la nuit du réel, a beautiful 21 song double album that manages to explore the intersections of
the material and the imagined, a sonic odyssey unearthing
soul from synthesis. The album is organized into several
movements. Each movement employs different synthesis
settings, but with distinctive chords and motifs that provide
a through line, guiding the listener through gorgeous
sonic landscapes. Schott elaborates: “To me, the capacity of synthesis to alter – subtly or radically – the physical
embodiment in sound of the same series of notes is akin
to how, when given new information about a person or a
situation, we can reevaluate our initial perception of what
we thought was the “reality” of that person or situation,
sometimes drastically so”.
Le jour et la nuit du réel‘s astounding breadth of texture and emotion were sculpted from a surprisingly minimal
setup even for Schott – an all-analog combination of one monophonic semi-modular synth, the Moog Grandmother,
and two delays, the Roland RE-201 Space Echo and her
trusted Moogerfooger Analog Delay. A kaleidoscopic range
of sounds speckle the album’s seven suites which mimic the
range and nuance of emotions, both deeply personal and
communal, parsed into two distinctive halves that represent
day and night and the contrasting feelings each encompasses. One of the most consistently exciting voices in contemporary
music, French composer Cécile Schott aka Colleen’s new
album Le jour et la nuit du réel, is a gorgeous wellspring of sonic delights. It is a double album filled with gorgeous
details that rewards the listener with constant revelations
and sonic delights.