Jon Dale Last Blues

Delacatessen Records
30th September 2022

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LP - black vinyl

“More closely resembles a force of nature than any expression of human experience … the occasional crush of static … gently churning … enveloping the listener in a vaguely comforting presence that feels transportive even when it’s going nowhere.”
-Emily Pothast, The Wire

“Jon Dale collapses old dichotomies (such as organic vs. inorganic and heavy vs. light) into a pure horizon of tone with only guitar and a little harmonium. Sonically, it makes me think of a middle point between if Organum snuck into the studio to remix Glenn Branca, and what I imagine the electric synapses firing off in Raymond Roussel’s brain would’ve sounded like if committed to wax cylinder. Which is to say, it sounds rad.” -Ben Chasny, Six Organs Of Admittance