Alastair Galbraith Lagash

Nice Music
14th June 2024

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LP Vinyl

Galbraith’s quietly stunning output in recent years includes the solo LP Seconds Mark III (A Colourful Storm), last year’s The Drum Is The Shaman’s Horse from his long running duo A Handful Of Dust (with The Dead C’s Bruce Russell) and a lawless scattering of self released material and ashen ephemera along the way. Throughout the years since his earliest recordings dating back to 1988, Galbraith has released LPs on Emperor Jones, Xpressway and Feeding Tube to name a few, not to mention his epochal 22-track masterwork Mass for Siltbreeze in 2010.

Enter ‘Lagash’, instantly a left turn at just four elongated tracks. Three on the A side with accompaniment from guitarist Jackson Harry, followed by a B side entirely inhabited by ‘Lockdown In Lagash’ – a panicked dirge which sees Galbraith on fiddle, pitted against drummer Chris Heazlewood (King Loser). The results are quite astonishing, uniting Galbraith’s characteristic folk-intimacy with an ambitious and committed compositional approach that feels as psychedelic as it is pastoral.