Kilkenny Electroacoustic Research Labroratory Anthology Vol. 2

30th October 2023

Format Info

CD with LTD Zine

This is the second volume of the Kilkenny Electroacoustic Research Laboratory Anthology, which is a
music compilation anthology attempting to preserve the fictional history of a small composer community based in rural Ireland existing from the late 60’s until the late 80’s.

The project is written by the Irish composer and artist Neil Quigley. This second volume in the series is released as a compact disc, and also an accompanying 50-page booklet contextualising the organisation and each of the selected tracks in probably too much detail. It is released on the record label Miúin. Volume 2 of the anthology was influenced by a variety of Irish news stories and cultural ephemera, Alasdair Gray’s Lanark, Garry Shandling, and post-war electronic music of the U.S., U.K and Europe.

Artist Bio:
Neil Quigley is a Composer and Artist from Ireland who is currently living in Glasgow, Scotland.
Neil primarily makes solo work but is currently in a duo with the composer Sam Scranton called Physique.
His recent work focuses on sonic representations of space, both real and virtual, and the interpersonal politics of
the musical workspace, viewing the dynamics of music culture as a way of examining broader issues of labour and
societal hierarchies.
His work has been described as “all very synthetic, even sometimes comical” and “very confident” by The Journal
of Music, as “also rather beautiful” by Nialler9, and as a “fine tasting plate of wonky beats, bleeps and drones” by
the Quietus. His most recent work has been released on Amalgam Records (US), Miúin (Irl), Destiny Trax (US), The
Department of Energy (Irl) and Moot Records (Irl).