CZLT Junkyard

Ascetic Visions
21st July 2021

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In collaboration with Ascetic Visions and Homo-Sensibilis Sounds, we present “Junkyard” the debut album of the solo project of Guillaume Cazalet (member of Neptunian Maximalism NNMM, Sol Kia, Jenny Torse, Aksu).

This release is dedicated to the future archeological remains of urban decay, the post-industrial putrifaction inherent in technological development. As humanity continues technological advancement, sewn into this endless and exponential process are the processes of decline, both through material exhaustion and inevitable devourment of freedom/dependency on the machine. Naturally we evolve with technology and begin to merge from our natural state…

The music contained herein merges the ancient and atavistic music of classical Indian and Tibetan natural culture with sonic soundscapes gripped and interwoven with mechanical textures, drone/doom styled guitars and other mechanistic vibrations.. Creating a profound and immersive sonority for the listener.. This is not just a release based on the immergence and subsequent unification of technological and natural forces, it is an innovative and stark exposition of what can be done when music technology is harnassed in union with acoustic instruments of ethnic origin. This merging of soundscapes draws the listener into a “post-apocalyptic” trance through use of unique vocal textures and extended use of drones and sitar while effectively retaining the meditative qualities of these originally spiritual instruments. One gets a sense of the human and technological worlds merging and, conjoined in meditation, yeilding seemlessly into the journey our species is embarked upon, something we can all relate to