Omochi Interior 1

2nd December 2022

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Omochi, (honorific “O” before mochi) in daily parlance is a rice cake, a dense glutinous product suited to many recipes, sweet or savoury. Stick one under the grill, watch it burst open, wrap it in crisp seaweed and dip it in soya sauce – a healthy snack, and a staple around Japanese New Year. Like everything, Omochi also has its dark side – each year it kills off a small section of the aged community, the gluey bolus a hard act to swallow – the unwary can quickly choke to death.

Omochi is in fact Tadaki Matsunaga, of early 2000s Tokyo three piece Femini Flyers. The original Feminis were Tadaki (bass), Sachie (vocals) and Koji (drums) that was it, no guitars, no synths, Tadaki’s bass being the rhythm and lead, and boy could he make it sing. Their 7” single Like You See / Masterbed, an early Ethbo release, was the most requested track from Japan Blues’ Boiler Room Collections video – now pulled off the internet by The Powers That Be – since it was first aired, way back in 2014. The single trades for a collector’s premium with those in the know. Since that recording, Omochi has built, and been working in, his home studio. The first release being his Ethbo 7” Devil, in 2019.

The follow-up is a roller-coaster ride, his own take on several genres in his forage bag, marinated to his own recipe. You’ll hear his expert bass in amongst the fungii, some slick R’n’B guitar styling, several dollops of glitch-tronics, some falling-down-the-stairs drum’n’bass, a slice of kraut, Omochi’s louche voice, and a spot of Sachie, the lead singer of the Feminis.

This modern psychedelic omnibus, flying in the face of logic (an Ethbo template) was pressed by Omochi at Toyo Kasei, the last independent Japanese pressing plant, housed in a tip-on sleeve and shipped to the UK, grill-ready for release. Itadakimasu!