Azamiah In Phases

Rebecca's Records
16th June 2023

Format Info

LP - black vinyl

Following the release last year of Rebecca Vasmant’s acclaimed album With Love, From Glasgow (nominated for Scottish Album Of The Year 2022), Vasmant’s Rebecca’s Records label have announced their latest release, the debut album from spiritual jazz outfit ‘Azamiah’ led by India Blue. Azamiah have emerged from Glasgow’s bubbling jazz scene, and their debut album, 

The beautifully transportive and soulful ‘In Phases’, will be released on 16th June via 12” and digital with the lead single ‘Night Woman’ out today. Centered around India Blue’s expressive and ethereal lead vocals, the twelve track LP takes the listener on an immersive journey that draws inspiration from the sounds of the natural world and the urban rhythm of the city. ‘Night Woman’ encapsulates the gorgeous sonic worlds that are the essence of Azamiah’s debut, as grooving bass, gentle, breezy brass and sublime percussive embellishments forming a truly dazzling aural experience.

Headed by respected Glasgow-based producer, composer and DJ Rebecca Vasmant, Rebecca’s Records is a family run imprint that aims to platform and support female-led jazz, as well as shining a spotlight on Scottish jazz. The label represents the wonderfully diverse and rich music scene that makes Glasgow so very special. Speaking about Amaziah’s album In Phases, Rebecca Vasmant said: “When I first heard the beautiful and mesmerizing music from Azamiah, I was absolutely blown away, and I am so very happy that we are able to present such a beautiful album. It was recorded and written in Glasgow, continuing our ethos of promoting and supporting Scottish jazz. This record gives me the chills, and I really love the music so very much. “We hope to release beautiful and special records that make us feel like we’ve been transported into a cloud of happiness and peace, and hopefully will make listeners feel the same. We aim to send the message of the spirit of Glasgow -collaboration, love and acceptance – in that everyone is welcome in our beautiful city that we call home.”