Kevin Daniel Cahill Impossible Worlds

False Walls
2nd May 2023

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“Impossible Worlds is an amalgamation of musical responses to beautiful and painful life experiences. A melancholic traversing of tonal landscapes that resonate deep inside of me, like vague truths.”
— Kevin Daniel Cahill

False Walls releases a solo album from Glasgow-born and London-based guitarist Kevin Daniel Cahill. Consisting of two long tracks, the album traces a steady progression as it moves through different environments — initially ambient and isolationist in tone, the work ultimately reaches a form of transcendence. Rooted in Kevin’s guitar-playing, though not immediately identifiable as such due to the deployment of tape loops and effects, the album foregrounds feeling and atmosphere, and its duration and gradual development benefits close listening.

The CD packaging includes work by visual artist Brian McHenry and writer Simon Longman across a 6-panel gatefold sleeve, 8 page CD booklet and CD sleeve. Brian and Simon’s work was developed in response to Kevin’s album, and similarly evokes connections with people, place, landscape and memory.