Audrey Golden I Thought I Heard You Speak: Women at Factory Records

White Rabbit
4th May 2023

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Signed Hardback
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Featuring contributions from Gillian Gilbert, Gina Birch, Cath Carroll, Penny Henry, Carolyn Allen and over fifty more interviewees. Factory Records has become the stuff of legend. The histories of the label have been told from many perspectives, from visual catalogues and memoirs to exhibitions. Yet no in-depth history has ever been told from the perspectives of the women who were integral to Factory’s cultural significance and its success.

Factory Records is truly distinctive when it comes to the ways in which women played key roles in nearly every aspect of the label and its ethos. An oral history with far-reaching and local audiences in mind, speaking broadly to the roles women played in late twentieth-century culture.

Audrey Golden is a writer with a focus on music, culture, cinema and politics. She loves punk and post-punk and holds a Ph.D. in literary studies from the University of Virginia.