Shack Here’s Tom with the Weather (20th Anniversary Repress)

Shack Songs
21st December 2023

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LP - Oxblood Vinyl

The Shack story is one of music’s greatest legends. It incorporates hardship, bereavement and chaotic misadventure, but above all it tells the tale of beautiful music triumphing over trouble and tragedy. The two profoundly Liverpudlian brothers Mick and John Head have made several brilliant albums together, but ‘Here’s Tom with The Weather’ boasts a majestic and fresh form. These are magical songs, psychedelic folk songs of the finest Head vintage. Sleepy-eyed, wistful and mystical, yet crafted with a cunning and acute dexterity beyond just about anybody you can think of.

In the 80’s, the two brothers from the notorious Kensington estate in north Liverpool were singer and guitarist with The Pale Fountains, an effervescent pop group which imploded under the weight of two albums in 1986. The Heads returned in ‘88 as Shack and a debut album Zilch. In 1991 , Shack made ‘Waterpistol’ and by the time it was finally released on Marina it had developed ‘lost classic’ status. The Heads battled on. In ‘97 , they created a new group called The Strands and recorded the delicate, dreamy masterpiece ‘The Magical World Of The Strands’. They spent a long time making another classic ‘HMS Fable’, and then decided that next time they wouldn’t take quite as long recording. Enter ‘Here’s Tom With The Weather’ – showcasing John’s slow, shy emergence as a songwriter to challenge his brother and toasting Mick’s newest confirmation as the most unrecognised genius of his or any other generation.