Heartlands: The Original Goth Scene in Scotland

Tue 25th Jun 2024
8:00 pm–10:00 pm
Mono Cafe Bar

This new independent photobook brings the original goth scene in Scotland back into focus. Through rare, unpublished photography and ephemera, as well as thoughtful texts from a range of contributors, Heartlands will rekindle some of the magic for scenesters who were there, or those who missed out. Goths, positive/post punks, call them what you will, this most enduring of subcultures is re-presented for a contemporary audience, 40 years down the line. See the bands too, key and local, Ausgang to Xmal, Sisters to Nico, at clubs like Night Moves, Strutz and the Hooch.

With a tender foreword from Chris Connelly (Fini Tribe, Revolting Cocks, Ministry), this book is the next-best thing to a time-machine.