7FO Healing Sword

9th June 2023

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7" - black

“Surf synth acid dancehall rock!!” is how Jackson Bailey aka Tapes/Rezette describes the A-side of this new release from Osaka’s 7FO. This 7-inch single, marking 7FO’s return to EM Records, is an homage to both the vinyl single format itself and also to the legendary producer Joe Meek. “Healing Sword” is the first time 7FO has created a track expressly as a single. On the flip side, “Snake (Live)” is a dubby lo-fi mono travelogue. The ‘onsen’ (hot spring) artwork is by artist/performer Keisuke Yamao and friends. Available on 7” and DL.

(7FO pronounced “nana-f-o” in English, “nana” meaning seven)

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