Ganger Half Nelson E.P.

2nd December 2022

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Perhaps it’s the 30 year anniversary of the period, but here in the early 2020s there’s a lot of nostalgia kicking about for the mid-90s Glasgow period. Musically it veered from the established power pop of Teenage Fanclub (OK, they’d been established for a by then) to the epic, world-searing music of early Mogwai.

Ganger were in the mix, unfairly lumped in with the “post rock” tag, whatever that means, but in truth an ecstatic band of misfits with obtuse takes on their instruments who could sync up into rhythmic factories of noise. Half Nelson was released in 1996 on local label Vesuvius and features a monumental, side-long piece called Jellyneck, 18 minutes of bass clang and whirling synth drone that builds tension to eruption before settling into a motorik groove that sounds like a rocking Stereolab track stretched out into the event horizon. It’s a testament to the era, when music had to be bought to be heard, that the other two tracks aren’t on streaming sites so we couldn’t listen back (our turntable is not well.) From memory they’re just as great, but memory is an unreliable partner. This is a cracking record and these are original copies unearthed under the label’s bed.